What it is…

Course support and development software tools that extend, expand, strengthen, stretch and shortcut your Learning Management System (LMS)

Why do it…

Software provides shortcuts, work-arounds and specific benefits for course design, development, management and evaluation.

What it accomplishes…

  • Saves Time
  • Decreases Trivial/ Busy Work
  • Organizes Work

Software also adds to the “Learning Curve” and each product or package takes time to learn.

When not to Use it…

Use software except when you cannot afford to pay for the product.

How to do it…

Study benefits, then find features that support those benefits.

Look for software that scales (works no matter how much data you process) and is compatible (works with other software without export).

Step #1

Identify outcomes and benefits

Step #2

Find software with features that support that benefit.

Step #3

Look for online solutions that work from anywhere with Internet Access.

Step #4

Look for Educational Discounts, Take-Home rights or other cost-cutting pricing.

Step #5

Install the software and test on development sites.

Step #6

Make backups of production sites, documents or data repositories before deploying new features to Live Content.

Strategy/ Tactics

Buy what you can afford. Prioritize purchasing.

Goals/ Objectives

Save time and increase productivity.

Taking Action

Search for “Free” solutions, but remember that your time is not free. Sometimes “Paid For” software works better and is compatible with industry standards…and proves less expensive in the long run.