Project Organization


What it is…

Project Organization is a strategy for applying numbering systems to code folder, files, images, and any other course materials.

Why do it…

You code materials so that you can find, order and reuse them.

You also keep copies of everything you need in related folders.

What it accomplishes…

This strategy…

  • Organizes Work
  • Allows you to Keep Track of Progress
  • Saves Time
  • Decreases Trivial/ Busy Work
  • Provides a Backup Path

When not to Use it…

Use this strategy at all times. And, keep copies of your work in places that you will be able to find them. Keep "Off-Site" backup copies.

You might not use a numbering strategy for components that you will use for multiple projects with different numbering schemes, but global renaming utilities can automate file and file content changes.

How to do it…

Step #1

Create an numbered outline.

Step #2

Create numbered folders. Use a computer numbering system with leading zeros to sort folders.

Step #3

Place all files into appropriate folders (Categories, Modules, Chapters, Etc.). If content fits in multiple Categories, Modules, Chapters, Etc.; copy the file into each folder.

Step #4

Number the files with enough leading Zeros to automatically sort the files. Expand the numbering system to multiple levels.

Step #5

Renumber associated files (Images, Text, Audio, Databases, Video, Spreadsheets, Slide Shows) with the same number codes.

Step #6

Make backup copies of everything.

Step #7

Create and Index of a Table of Contents (TOC) with Hyperlinks, or HTML with Hyperlinks to connect content.

Strategy/ Tactics

Use Project Management numbering systems

Goals/ Objectives

Create a system for storing design, development, research and course components using a logical and creative outline.


All content is coded to the outline or course framework.

Taking Action

Online applications with search capacity are great for text documentation, but difficult to use for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and other code.

Deciding on a linear outline framework is time consuming since multiple frameworks can communicate the same design.

A Mind-Map with hyperlinks to word processor or text files might serve a single desktop user, but more elaborate systems are required for multiple contributors.

For multiple collaborators, designate a single person to be responsible for maintaining the project file naming scheme.

Tools/ What you need…

  • Desktop Software
  • Private Wiki

Resource Materials

  • Templates
  • Boilerplates
  • Checklists
  • Rubrics