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Ideas for AutoResponder E-Mail Topics

Share the following ideas with your students to add variety to your course AutoResponder.

Tips on how to do something.
Example: 7 Tips for Memorizing a Vocabulary List
Example: Avoid these Common Report-Writing Mistakes
Extra Credit.
Example: Students that submit an image with their report earn an extra five points on the next exam.
Share your personal opinion.
Example: Spanish could be the second official language of the US by 2050.
Ask students to share their experiences or opinions on a topic.
Do do you leave larger tips for waiters and waitresses with foreign accents?
Tell a story.
Example: How Columbus ended up in jail after discovering the “New World”
Current News
Example: The American President makes his first trip to Latin America.
Something simple they can do right away.
Example: Visit the International Fair in the Student Commons, today, from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.
Share a Web cam or Screen Capture Video.
Example: See how you sign in to the new Language Lab Tutoring Software from home
Challenge Students.
Example: Win an additional five points on the next chapter exam if 100% of your classmates complete the Online Course Evaluation.
Give Students something that they can study.
Example: Here is the study guide for the next chapter test
Address a common question or concern.
Example: Why Wikipedia is unacceptable as a bibliographic source
Explain a problem.
Example: Why big-ticket media advertising fails to work with Latinos.
Give a step by step guide.
Example: The steps to add video to your project slide show
Give proof for something.
Example: How using the US Dollar for their national currency stabilizes three Latin American Countries.
Interview an expert.
Example: Listen to this audio interview from a Border Security Agent
Get an instructor from another discipline to explain how it applies to your field.
Example: The mathematics of voting machine failure on minority candidates
Write a short Biography of an important figure in history.
Example: How cross border thieves like Pancho Villa strengthened the US Army
Send a Q&A request.
Example: I will answer all questions that students submit about the exam on the next E-mail
Say when items were added to your FAQ site.
Example: A new item on how countries that use the US Dollar as their national currency depend on US keeping imports low
Announce a beta test.
Example: We need help in testing a new flashcard printing template on different computers and printers
Critique research that you disagree with.
Example:The Pros, Cons and My Interpretation of the new US Nutrition plate related to the Latino diet
Ask a provocative discussion question.
Example: Did you think that Latino parents of children should be deported if their children are US Citizens?
State something controversial.
Example: Give up one meal for a week to fell what it is like to go to bed hungry
Record and share an excerpt from a lecture.
Example: Listen to my ten-minute mini-lecture on the Leftist Movement in South America
Communicate a time constraint.
Example: You have until 12:00 p.m. tomorrow to submit homework without a late penalty
Poll students on their attitude about a specific issue, then publish the results.
Example: Here are summary data on your opinion about making Spanish an official language in the US
Motivate students with your E-mail message.
Example: Remember. Students that practice speaking Spanish for 15 minutes a day are 60% more likely to receive an A in this course
Make something seem easy.
Example: How to use NoodleTools to format your report bibliography
Example: The IT Department failed to update the Language Lab computers, so you will not be able to access your text eBook in the Lab for another two days.