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Marketing vs. Teaching and Educating

Marketers want to produce courses and a lucrative revenue stream.

Teachers and educators want to ensure that students learn,  apply and achieve measurable learning outcomes.

Issues  develop when marketers view course development as a revenue stream, and students view courses as education.

Marketers produce consumable content and share expertise.

Educators lead students to success…accepting accountability for students’ outcomes…and holding students accountable for Application and Performance (AnP).

Marketers, teachers and educators offer different Specific Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for course curricula.

Marketers offer:

  • Students will get…

Teachers offer:

  • Students will know…
  • Students will be able to do…

Educators offer:

  • Students will learn…
  • Students will think and do…
  • Students will apply…
  • Students will assess and evaluate
  • Students will achieve, integrate and master

Four ways to Improve your Online Course

Top-Down Course Project Planning: Specific Learning Objectives

Tying objectives to modules, topics, activities and discussions…after the fact…represents “Bottom-up” course design.

What you  need to implement to save time and increase success measures is “Top-down” course design. Such a strategy would…

  • Ensure that students’ learning experiences relate to Specific Objectives
  • Ensure that all Specific Objectives receive priority and focus during the semester
  • Require you to connect learning activities to objectives before assignments could be published
  • Require you to assess individual students’ progress towards mastery of each objective
  • Flag for attention and prompt teaching and learning changes in your course delivery when student performance lags

Top-down planning matches professional project management “Best Practices.” Think of each course as a “Project.”

Top-down planning also separates Specific Learning Objectives from grades…and requires “Evidence-Based” performance standards.

Build every course from a Specific Learning Objectives framework, and filter every lecture, assignment and activity to ensure a direct connection to course SLOs.