What this Presentation is…


This presentation…

Provides ideas, strategies, shortcuts, tactics for improving your teaching and course management.

Focuses on advanced strategies for overcoming the limitations of your LMS, and strategies for overcoming the tedium associated with multiple course sections.

Demonstrates tested strategies. However, these strategies must be tailored for your instructional style and your students learning style.

What this Presentation is NOT…


This presentation is NOT…

A strategy to avoid all up-front design, development and planning for online courses. This is not a “Cut and Paste,” “Cookie-Cutter” system.

A way to do less work and skate through your job. You should take the time-savings and invest them in greater attention to your students.

A system that applies, strengthens and speeds up Traditional Instructional Methods in an online setting.

Are you the Right Audience?


Do you want to do a little work now to avoid a lot of work in the future?

Do you want to learn more adaptive methods for ensuring positive, measurable student outcomes from online courses?

Do you want to prove that online resources outperform textbook-only and lecture-only

Are you Implementers/ Action-Takers?

Are you ready to take action and apply these strategies…one-at-a-time?

If so, you have this presentation and the Presentation Follow-up to support your instructional improvement experience.