Amazon’s K-12 Open Teaching Platform

An article to read…

Amazon Education to Launch New Website for Open Education Resources

A positive move for Pre-K to 12 school districts, but course developers building a business need to think beyond the “Big Commercial Box.”

Teachers need assessment of materials to connect to measured student outcomes, rather than Amazon’s Review System. The current “Review” process falls easy prey to “Gaming the System.”

Connecting to the Kindle Publishing Platform needs retooling because teachers need to print content. Until Kindle enables content printing, the platform remains crippled for K-12 education.

The article notes that teachers spend a dozen hours a week preparing and sharing materials. This won’t change with the system Amazon proposes.

My research shows that teachers save time by creating their own instructional materials…if they know how to use free tools.

Classroom Toolkit

In addition, systems invented by business folks fail to fathom how individual student’s learning styles factor into teaching and learning.

Take-away for course developers? Get out of the “Video Only” course rut and prepare for an educational future when video content “Won’t Cut it.”

Plan now and position courses for future customers…customers savvy about measuring results from teaching and learning.