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Format, Convention and Style Guide Structure

1. Planning Process

  • Project Phases
  • Folder and File Structure
  • Naming Conventions

2. Ease of Access

  • Navigation
  • Internal Linking
  • Named Anchors

3. Content

  • Consistent Organization
  • Structure
  • Outlines
  • Swipe Files
  • Templates
  • Boilerplates

4. Design

  • Navigation
  • Interface design
  • Information design

5. Course Structure

  • Semantic Content Markup
  • Site File Structure
  • Search Engine Optimization

6. Support Structure

7. Page Structure

  • Site Design in Context
  • Page Structure and Site Design
  • Page Templates

8. Page Design

  • Document Design
  • Visual Design
  • Page Frameworks
  • Page Width and Line Length
  • Design Grids for Web Pages

9. Fonts and Typography

  • Characteristics of Type Styles – Web vs. Print
  • Legibility
  • Typefaces
  • Emphasis
  • Display Typography with Graphics

10. Writing Style

  • Structuring Prose
  • Online style
  • Outline Style
  • Test Formatting – Web and Print

11. Forms and Application Fill Outs

  • Technologies that Support User Interaction
  • Web and Mobile Apps

12. Graphics

  • Graphic File Formats
  • Standard Banner and Image Sizes
  • Compression of Web Graphics
  • Photo and Imaging Strategies
  • Screen Images and Thumbnails
  • Interlacing
  • Graphic Markup, Titles, Captions

13. Multimedia

  • Multimedia Strategies
  • Audio and Video Formats
  • Audio and Video Compression
  • Audio and Video Storage and Distribution

14. Course Support Content

  • eBooks
  • Static Sites
  • Live Content
  • Automated Content
  • “Web 2.0 Plus” Properties
  • Linking Strategies
  • Assessment Conventions

Software so Useful that You may Wish to Purchase


Encrypted Login and Password fill in…

Link to Siber Systems RoboForm


Free form note and idea collecting software…

Link to Literature and Late’s Scrapple


Outline, edit, story board, write…

Link to Literature & Latte’s Scrivener


Image and Screen capture. Super easy…

Link to Techsmith’s Snagit


Internet research capture program…

Link to Soft As It Gets Pty Ltd’s Surfulater


Document capture and search program…

Link to Kinook’s UltraRecall

Content Transformer

Document Re-Use and Re-Purpose Software

Content Tranformer – Affiliate Promotion

Visual Thesaurus

Mind Map – Concept Map of Vocabulary and related words…

English and Spanish

Link to the ThinkMap’s Visual Thesaurus

Ideas for AutoResponder E-Mail Topics

Share the following ideas with your students to add variety to your course AutoResponder.

Tips on how to do something.
Example: 7 Tips for Memorizing a Vocabulary List
Example: Avoid these Common Report-Writing Mistakes
Extra Credit.
Example: Students that submit an image with their report earn an extra five points on the next exam.
Share your personal opinion.
Example: Spanish could be the second official language of the US by 2050.
Ask students to share their experiences or opinions on a topic.
Do do you leave larger tips for waiters and waitresses with foreign accents?
Tell a story.
Example: How Columbus ended up in jail after discovering the “New World”
Current News
Example: The American President makes his first trip to Latin America.
Something simple they can do right away.
Example: Visit the International Fair in the Student Commons, today, from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.
Share a Web cam or Screen Capture Video.
Example: See how you sign in to the new Language Lab Tutoring Software from home
Challenge Students.
Example: Win an additional five points on the next chapter exam if 100% of your classmates complete the Online Course Evaluation.
Give Students something that they can study.
Example: Here is the study guide for the next chapter test
Address a common question or concern.
Example: Why Wikipedia is unacceptable as a bibliographic source
Explain a problem.
Example: Why big-ticket media advertising fails to work with Latinos.
Give a step by step guide.
Example: The steps to add video to your project slide show
Give proof for something.
Example: How using the US Dollar for their national currency stabilizes three Latin American Countries.
Interview an expert.
Example: Listen to this audio interview from a Border Security Agent
Get an instructor from another discipline to explain how it applies to your field.
Example: The mathematics of voting machine failure on minority candidates
Write a short Biography of an important figure in history.
Example: How cross border thieves like Pancho Villa strengthened the US Army
Send a Q&A request.
Example: I will answer all questions that students submit about the exam on the next E-mail
Say when items were added to your FAQ site.
Example: A new item on how countries that use the US Dollar as their national currency depend on US keeping imports low
Announce a beta test.
Example: We need help in testing a new flashcard printing template on different computers and printers
Critique research that you disagree with.
Example:The Pros, Cons and My Interpretation of the new US Nutrition plate related to the Latino diet
Ask a provocative discussion question.
Example: Did you think that Latino parents of children should be deported if their children are US Citizens?
State something controversial.
Example: Give up one meal for a week to fell what it is like to go to bed hungry
Record and share an excerpt from a lecture.
Example: Listen to my ten-minute mini-lecture on the Leftist Movement in South America
Communicate a time constraint.
Example: You have until 12:00 p.m. tomorrow to submit homework without a late penalty
Poll students on their attitude about a specific issue, then publish the results.
Example: Here are summary data on your opinion about making Spanish an official language in the US
Motivate students with your E-mail message.
Example: Remember. Students that practice speaking Spanish for 15 minutes a day are 60% more likely to receive an A in this course
Make something seem easy.
Example: How to use NoodleTools to format your report bibliography
Example: The IT Department failed to update the Language Lab computers, so you will not be able to access your text eBook in the Lab for another two days.

Free Courses on Udemy.Com

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Free Strategies and Tools

Zero Cost Marketing Strategies: Official Primer Course


HTML Training for Beginners

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Upgrading skills with HTML5 new Features

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Broken Link Checker

WordPress™ allows a free installation of a “Broken Link Checker” Plugin.

You can use this capacity to provide back-end checking for your link farm.

(Note: This does not work for your link farm, but for the destination addresses that visitors are sent to through your link farm.)

The Broken Link Checker will aslo send an E-mail warning whenever the software detects a broken link.

Guess which of the following links is broken…

Online Teaching Toolkit


Defunct Site

The Broken Link Checker notifies you, and your site’s visitors that the link is broken.